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医学界のあったらいいなを徒然なるままにVisionに落とし込んでいます。 We are putting what we wish to have in the medical field into our Vision as we go along.

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Med Record 👁️📃






この生体認識を上手く活用することで、生涯型電子カルテ/個人健康情報記録(Personal Health Record;PHR)に役立てられないか…












If only there was such a system… 🕊️

~Iris Personal Health Record Authentication System~

It is said that the iris is fixed at about 2 years of age and remains unchanged throughout life,

Even twins have different irises,

With current technology, it is said that the rate of mistaking a person for another person is less than one in 10 billion.

We are wondering if this biometric recognition can be successfully utilized for an electronic health record (personal health record; PHR) …

The key points are

It is the one and only, highly accurate personal identification tool.

Less need to worry about losing or forgetting them, and not necessary to carry them like cards in case of emergency.

It is hard to be imitated as a living biometric.

In addition, there seems to be a recognition technology that is less susceptible to eye diseases.

Hospitals are provided with special readers to control access from a security perspective.

One of the challenges to implementation is the high cost.

The government is promoting the establishment of a “national medical information platform” and “standardization of electronic medical record information” as part of the “Medical DX2030 Vision 2030 in Japan.

We would like to bring this vision closer to realization as a part of that policy!

Med Review🏥




Reviw、つまり課題を抽出し、解決策を構築できる公の場『Med Review Hospital』があったら⭐️





病院利用者はMed Review Hospitalの役割を理解し、同意が得られる方を想定。


民間の部分では、user reviewのカタチで切磋琢磨できる健全な状況も目指したい。

If only there was such a system… 🦒.

〜 Advanced Medical Technology / System Demonstration Hospital 〜

As a preliminary step to move medical devices, systems, policies, and educational systems that use advanced technologies into social implementation,

If there is a “Med Review Hospital”, a public place where review them and develop solutions ⭐️

Depending on the demonstration theme, the right size hospital can be selected (or step up from small to large scale).

As a point of reference,

Provide a venue to demonstrate advanced technologies and systems in line with the theme.

Experts in the medical, ethical, regulatory, commercial, and other fields are stationed in the hospital to identify issues and formulate and publicize solutions for social implementation.

Segregation of public and private parts

Create a place where people can actually experience and operate advanced technologies from around the world,

Expect it to be a place where you can improve the medical field safely and efficiently in your own country.

Hospital users are expected to be those who understand the role of “Med Review Hospital” and give their consent.

In the public part, this is a fair evaluation,

In the private sector, we would like to create a healthy situation where there can be friendly competition in the form of user reviews.

Med Sure 📚🖊️👩‍⚖️













最後のCRF(Case Report Form)が打ちこまれた瞬間に結果・解析・フィギュアが完成☆





I wish there was such a system 🕊️

〜Clinical research & Fair outcome Assurance system〜

In medical research, the process of writing a research plan, conducting the research, and reporting the results (e.g., in a paper) is very difficult for busy clinicians thanks to the effort required to produce!

So…since the background, methods, number of cases, evaluation items, and statistical methods are written in the research plan,

When the permission to conduct the research is granted, we will prepare the algorithm that will automatically generate the results.

・It has been difficult to get the results out to the public right after the study is over(the findings are supposed to be new, but they have been overtaken…).
・ I don’t have much time!
・I am not sure if the statistical method(procedure) is correct… Is there more than one correct answer?

We believe that this system will be a solution to such a variety of problems.

Creating a single national or academic approval standard, and using the power of digital and AI make it possible to assign the appropriate A-code generated from the algorithm to the A-research (protocol).

The results, analysis, and figures are completed the moment the final CRF (Case Report Form) is typed.

Only the discussion part, which is only known after the research, is added at a later date.

By doing so, we can

(1) Eliminate the time lag between the completion of the research and the reporting of the   results

(2) Reduce the burden on clinical staff

(3) Ensuring the quality of statistics, and preventing fraud,

It allow us spend more time for active and meaningful communication after publication!